Spring/Bushing Style Pull Bar (Dual Shaft)

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Torque link uses energy absorbing polyurethane bushings to absorb engine torque and increase traction to rear tires. Includes one orange (55 durometer) and one blue (80 durometer) poly bushing on the engine torque side. This bushing combination works similar to a progressive spring; the softer (primary bushing) collapses at a faster rate than the harder (secondary bushing) until the unit is solely working on the secondary bushing. A single red (87 durometer) poly brake bushing is also included. Other bushings are available for additional tuning options. Unit is 18" long overall and most commonly used with two 3/4"-16 rod ends (1-RH Female and 1-LH Male) and a 3/4" suspension tube. Subtract 21" from center to center of the chassis mounting distance to determine required tube length. 11.25 lbs.