Spring/Bushing Style Pull Bar (Single Shaft)

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Torque link uses a combination of coil spring and poly bushings to absorb engine torque and increase traction to rear tires. Ideal for the experienced driver and a car with radical suspension travel. Torque link comes standard with two yellow (75 durometer) poly bushings on the engine torque side and a single red (87 durometer) poly brake bushing. Other bushings are available for additional tuning options. Unit requires a 5" O.D. x 6-5/8" or 7" tall coil spring, sold separately. Unit is 16" long overall and most commonly used with two 3/4"-16 rod ends (1-RH Male and 1-LH Male) and a 3/4" suspension tube. Subtract 19" from center to center of the chassis mounting distance to determine required tube length. 8.5 lbs., without spring.